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Canergy AI private cloud platform         Canergy Analytical AI

Our Research Programs

Abstract Hexagon

Discoveries to Impact

  • Empirical Model Building

  • Quantum Machine Learning

  • Modeling and Simulation

  • Collaborative Intelligence

  • Innovative Solutions

  • Interdisciplinary Research

  • Analog AI

  • Innovative Computing Methods

  • Equity Research

  • Commodities Research

  • Machine Learning on Encrypted Data

  • System Security Analysis

Abstract Pattern 29

Explore Innovations

  • Analytical versus Numerical Models

  • Strategies Based on Data versus Strategies Based on Ideology

  • Systems Simulation

  • Opponent Modeling

  • Adversarial Machine Learning

  • Private AI

  • Client Projects

  • AI applied to human behavior research

  • AI-Powered Integration

  • AI for Threat Management

  • DRRs AGI models

Abstract Pattern 24

Science and Solutions

  • Create algorithms and run experiments on IBM’s quantum processor

  • QCDRR related applications

  • Your Quantum Account related applications

  • Canergy machine learning systems

  • AI applied to human consciousness research

  • Data science

  • Secure collaborative analytics

  • Private set intersection

  • Security research

  • Artificial general intelligence

The power of quantum research


Canergy Quantum AI

Disruptive Strategy

Turning challenges into opportunities

From innovation to transformation

Value creation

Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum Computing Using IBM Quantum

Robots & Automation Solutions

Quantum-safe Cryptography

AI for Cyber Defense
Autonomous Vehicle Systems


There's no place like Canergy.

AI & Machine Learning Products   Empirical Models   Strategies

Linking research to practice



  • Risk data and digitization

  • Real-time analytics in solving global problems

  • AI for health system operations and process automation

  • Extrapolative procedures in modelling and simulations

  • Multiscale modeling

  • Deep learning inference

  • Models of human-nature coexistence

  • Modeling and analysis of wisdom in Chinese culture

  • Analysis of astrology and scientific calculation


  • Supporting Elders with Technology

  • Humans Assisting Machines

  • Machines Assisting Humans

  • Intelligent Operations

  • Accuracy of Models

  • Models of Universal Laws

  • Combining Classical and Quantum Computing

  • Analog AI

  • Risk Advanced Analytics

  • Modeling and Analysis of American Strategic Culture

  • Astrology and Data Science

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Empirical Research

Strengthening international cooperation on AI


  • Cloud quantum computing Superposition

  • Cloud quantum computing Entanglement

  • Canergy empirical model database

  • Canergy empirical algorithmics

  • Canergy Systems

  • Advanced Analytics

  • AI solutions

  • Data integration

  • Global CIO Research Report


  • Optimization

  • Risk Analysis


  • Quantum Simulation

  • Systematic Quantum Computing

  • Your Quantum Account

  • From AutoML to AutoAI

  • Innovation Assessment

  • Services & Support


Professional Engineers     Researchers     Developers     Merchants     Companies



Research Exchange Program

International Student and Scholar Services

International Contracting Agreements

Research Proposals:

Government agencies, Corporations, Individuals, and Foundations

On-Demand Webinars

Strategic Partnership   Canergy Client Resources

AI infrastructure and technology solutions

Joint research   Analog AI chip

Develop new class of data center chip

Zhuhua Global Elite 祝华全球精英

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